Libra Capital is the Libra Group’s in-house investment management company.


The Libra Group relies on acute market insight and long term investment judgement. Through Libra Capital all group operating companies can access fast, sophisticated investment management services from inception to completion.

The Libra Capital team understands the value of local market intelligence: engaging regional and sector experts is central to our investment decision-making and to ensuring effective operational management.

Whilst Libra Group’s subsidiaries work largely autonomously, Libra Capital’s global insight is invaluable. It helps to manage complex cross border transactions and aids compliance with regulatory frameworks. Many of the Libra Group’s international ventures involve alliances or formal joint ventures with partner organisations. Part of Libra Capital’s role is to manage alliances, maximising investment performance from both a commercial and legal perspective. Currently, our investment management services span real estate, hospitality, energy and transportation.